This assessment identifies key growth and development opportunities of your
company. Evaluation of the results not only provides a foundation for smart
business decisions but will also be the first step to using your time most
efficiently by strengthening the right areas.

Pricing: $250


Started with an in-depth analysis, our MBC signature service is comparable to a
full X-Ray, allowing you to unlock objective insights about your company. Its
evaluation is done by an expert, specifically trained to detect the “illness behind
the symptom” or the root of the issue your business is experiencing. Following
the location of the correct cause, a custom program will be provided to remedy
the findings, step by step. This service is both applicable to businesses that want
to resolve specific issues as well as those needing to grow or scale their current
operations and typically results in larger revenue and profits without increasing

Key Benefits:

  • Proprietary System proven to work in all industries
  • Creates clarity and puts the executive in control
  • Ability to revisit business goals with a workable plan to achieve them

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To learn more about the Business Diagnostics System℠, please view our step by step service description here


Business Coaching acts as catalyst to guide you from taking your business from where it currently is to the next level. Whether you already know what steps you need to take and need help taking them, or you need clarity in what the correct path is for your business, our business coaches can assist you in overcoming barriers to achieve your goals.

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Get hands on assistance to effectively straighten out the exact issues preventing you to succeed. Our In-House Consultants are trained to provide you with a custom solution to fit your business. Whether you need individual coaching, a workshop for your employees addressing a key area of development or something else, our in house consulting package includes all the tools you need to succeed. The Business Diagnostics System is also included in this service.

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Leading your team towards achieving the vision of the company and being able to attain the goals you have set for yourself can be the make or break point. Learn the key factors to success in managing your team.

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Achieving more in less time is a sure way to increase profits without adding expenses. Instead of hiring more staff, invest in the ones you got. Learn organizational efficiency and the proven methods to greatly increase your own productivity as well as your employees. Workshops are tailor made to your company. You will be surprised how much more you can achieve.

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Having the right employees join your team is one of the most important factors in business growth. Will they forward your vision or hinder it? Will they fit into your team and integrate to take a piece of work or concern off your shoulders?

MBC Inc offers HR testing based on a proven system and decades of experience to find out if potential employees will work out before you hire them which saves you valuable time and money.

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