An International Business Consulting Firm is Recently Creating a New Buzz in the La Vegas Business Community

My Business Consultants, Inc., an International Firm based out of Las Vegas, takes a different look at what can be done in business to change bad times into better times. In taking a deeper look at their success and new approach it was found that they are using what’s called a “Hubbard Management System”. This is a unique management system that has proven to stabilize and expand a business in-spite of any external economic situations.

The owner Renata Schmitter-McDonald and her associates are experts in this unique management system. In an interview this is what the owner had to say about one small aspect of this unique management system:

“Statistics and data evaluation are key to know and understand when you are trying to turn around a business during tough times. It is very easy to make the mistake of assuming you know. Intuition might be right, but only by evaluating raw statistics and pertinent data to the area you are troubleshooting, you can be sure. Not having statistics for all areas such as of Human Resources, Operations, Marketing and Sales, not just Financials, is like driving a car without having a speedometer, a fuel gage and so on. The car ends up driving you! The Financials are the end result of HR, Operations, Marketing and Sales effectiveness. The question then is: are you driving your business?

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The Latest & The Hottest Things In The Las Vegas Business Community

My Business Consultants, Inc. is a breath of fresh air in the hot Las Vegas business community. If you are a Las Vegas business owner looking to improve your business, you know who to call now.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 6, 2010 — Not only is the temperature on an uptrend in Las Vegas, but also the prosperity of some local businesses.

June is known to be one of the slowest month in the Paper Industry, yet ARC Paper, LLC, a Las Vegas independently owned paper merchant, just had their highest month in sales in a year!

The same goes for Ability Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC. This is what the President, John Dungan has to say: “I am now making my way to not only viability but solvency since the first time in a long time.”

And again, in spite of today’s economy this is what Brian Pool, owner of Century Electric, LLC is experiencing: “Things don’t seem grim any more. Actually for the first time in quite a long while, the future looks very, very Bright and I can’t wait for it to arrive.” And it has arrived!

What do these businesses all have in common? They took advantage of My Business Consultants, Inc. services, primarily based on the Hubbard Management System.

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