We have the ability to deliver hands on consulting, observe all aspects of operations, identify causes of lost time, productivity and revenue, both obvious and hidden. We design and implement new processes to reduce non-value added activities that will decrease overhead and increase profitability.


Renata McDonald is an expert turnaround International licensed business consultant, who traveled around Europe, Central and South America delivering workshops on the principles of the Hubbard Management System.  She has helped troubleshoot and bring back to prosperity countless of businesses from a variety of industries. With her unique service called Business Diagnostics System(SM) and her twenty plus years of experience, she has proven she can help any business regain their expansion.


  • We specialize in finding the source(s) of the trouble or non-production in a business.
  • There is an exact science to this. A business can be contracting or not growing further. In either situation there is something causing it. We find the REAL cause rather than the symptoms. We can recognize the difference between the two. Then we fix it.
  • We utilize many different tools, one being statistics which represent the vital signs of any activity.
  • There is a precise technology on how correct statistics are assigned, monitored and analyzed.
  • We have the ability to deliver hands on consulting, observe all aspects of operations and identify causes of lost time, both obvious and hidden. We design and implement new processes to reduce non-value added activities that will decrease overhead and increase profitability.
  • Our team has, combined, more than 30 years of successful executive and business consulting experience.


  • Safety Compliance Services, Glendale, CA
  • Colorlabs Enterprises, Inc., Nashville, TN
  • Shila Hekmat Music Studio, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Geer & Geer Engineering, San Diego, CA
  • Camera Control, Santa Monica, CA
  • MABRO, Milan, Italy
  • Immobiliare Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy
  • Granditalenti, Torino, Italy
  • Computer Wizard Indy, Indianapolis, IN
  • Kourosh Pourmorady, Attorney at Law, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Giansante Jewelry, Valenza, Italy
  • Agrocosta, Cartago, Costa Rica
  • Fossil Land, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Century Electric, LLC, Las Vegas, NV
  • Ability AC, Las Vegas, NV
  • Costa Azul, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • ARC Paper, LLC, Las Vegas NV
  • Kalan Enterprises, Las Vegas, NV
  • Arizona Pet Sitting, Phoenix, AZ
  • JDs Tax & Financial Solutions, Las Vegas, NV
  • Israel Villasenor, DC, Henderson, NV
  • Wire Science, Inc., San Francisco, CA
  • Larry Holmes & Associates, Long Beach, CA
  • Robert McBride, DDS, Long Beach, CA
  • Silvia Cardona, DDS, El Segundo, CA.
  • Waste Integrated Solution Experts, Westwood, CA.


Metrics and data evaluation are key to know and understand when you are trying to turn around a business during tough times.  It is very easy to make the mistake of assuming you know.  Intuition might be right, but only by evaluating raw statistics and pertinent data to the area you are troubleshooting, you can be sure. Not having statistics for all areas such as of Human Resources, Operations, Marketing and Sales, not just Financials, is like driving a car without having a speedometer or a fuel gage.  The car ends up driving you! The Financials are the end result of HR, Operations, Marketing and Sales effectiveness. The question then is: are you driving your business? There is an exact methodology for establishing which statistics should be kept for each area of a company.  They tell you everything you need to know as a CEO, Manager and Administrator. You can predict vital situations if you know how to read them. 

 They put you in complete control.